Thursday, November 22, 2012

Honeymoon pictures

Oh yes. I am now officially Mrs Yong Chong Keat.

It feels...

AWESOME! ^_^ but also weird. o_O another post maybe. Heh.

Now back to honeymoon. *Does happy dance*

Our honeymoon was a rather last minute thing because we were busy with our wedding preparations and we had trouble finding the right time for honeymoon.

CK's work allows him school holidays so he can't really take leave. And his holidays only starts in December.

Early December I'll be taking ACCA killer paper (oh yes last paper, pray for me real hard) and would need all the time I can get to study. And then there's church camp mid December and Christmas end of December. Then next year liao. How to go honeymoon?! T.T. So sedih.

Then somehow there was a miracle and CK managed to get a week off.*Another happy dance*

So suddenly we were off to Bali for our honeymoon.:)

Never mind the fact that we had to leave at 5am in the morning, it was a beautiful morning. :)
Up up and away!
Still up, up and away!

I personally think the Garuda Indonesia food is better than Air Asia's. It doesn't really look appealing here. Maybe it's the camera. Maybe I was just very hungry. Haha.

Breakfast on Garuda

We stayed in a lovely private pool villa. Heeeeee...
The private pool
The chilling area beside the private pool
Our bed
The mirror beside the bed

I'm sorry some pictures were blurry. I think I was excited my hands moved very fast yo! And Ipod's camera not that good. The screen so small I didn't even noticed some pictures were blurry. Also, CK did not bother to take any pictures at all -_-. The only pictures he naturally wants to snap is food. Oh and of course when I say "snap me! snap me!".

We ate much food.I tell you the amount CK we ate was massive.

Pictures of our breakfast the next morning!

CK's breakfast -scrambled eggs
My breakfast - pouched egg
These were awesome!

I tried pouched egg because I saw it on TV. Like so high class and the way to cook it so canggih but the taste was not to my liking. Looks nice only. Haha.We basically had that kind of breakfast everyday.

We had dinner at Breeze, The Samaya. The food was pretty good. So was the atmosphere. So was the company. ^_^

With my husband!

CK and the nice ambience
Me and my nice mango juice

Ok I look super white here because we used flash as it was getting darker. I'm no vampire and I don't glow.

The view from where we were sitting
Super huge oyster

Pumpkin soup


Baby pork ribs

We also went to this place The New Moon Cafe. CK superx10 love the food here.

Balinese seafood!
What's left of it
We ate some other stuff like babi guling, sate bali and ayam betutu. -_- Major let down. I'm not gonna post pictures because it's time consuming and not worth the effort.

Water sports was fun! This is the only picture we had and it's blurry too! 

-_- Not so glamorous picture
And we went to Uluwatu. It was beautiful. We have Ser Young to thank for recommending this one!

Us in purple sarong! Haha.
Overall it was fun and tiring. ^_^ The weather was hot but not humid. The traffic was bad. The food was nice although pricey. The people super friendly. I wish I could have done more shopping though. I found an interesting place to shop online but we didn't have time to check the place out. I would definitely want to come back!
Leaving on an airplane
Honeymoon rocks yo! Looking forward to more holidays. Hehehehe.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Spooky ACCA P2 paper

I decided to take P2 this December.

Trust me. Not really an easy decision to make.

I hate attending classes. So I’m self-studying.

To make matters worse,

I’m terrible in calculation papers and P2 happens to be one.

Ya. I see jaws dropping. Accounting student weak in calculation paper. –_-!

I count well. I think I count well. Just probably a phobia I acquired during my degree days. Calculation papers then always confirm condemn. Was pretty intimidated. That was why I took P1 and P3 first. Avoid calculation at all cost! T.T But can run no more.

Anyways, I thought I shall be a good student this time and start preparing for the paper even though it’s actually already October. ^_^!

Was flipping the book and saw this!



See how spooky these calculation papers.

It read my mind wei.

How not to be intimidated.

Or is it a sign that I will pass? ^_^

Lalala~ Will go with the second option. >_<


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Getting lost


I get lost often. Not as often as Hwei losing her way though

Lost in shopping.

Lost in work.

Lost in thoughts.

Lost in emotions.

Could be a good thing.

Or not.

Ahh. Blog’s been a little dry lately.

Maybe I should start getting lost in my own writing.

I find myself pretty entertained when I write on my own blog. Does that mean I’m entertaining since I entertain even myself? :p

Nah. Camwhoring pictures that made me laugh like crazy and Shaun to smack his head in disbelief the other day.

Picture 008Picture 009Picture 011Picture 010

Sunday, August 21, 2011


For a long time now I’ve felt this.


But somehow I always end up in a teaching position. –_-

The irony of it.

Got an sms from A. Yu Ming on Friday asking if I could take over her class on Saturday.

My heart literally dropped as did my jaw. As low as low can be.

Not that I’m reluctant (actually I am), just that I’m terrified of them kids.

Seriously. What if they

And what if they don’t get what I’m saying. Tragic wei.

Didn’t take into account the fact that there was a farewell do on Friday. –_-! So smart. Never think carefully before saying yes.

Got home at 12am on Friday too tired to do anything. So I thought never mind, I still have Saturday. Get up earlier to prepare lor.

Got up at 7am on Saturday to suddenly realise what a tough topic i was suppose to teach. T.T

Panic giler.

And trust me it didn’t go well AT ALL. FAIL

And somehow the rain made them kids hyper-active. Curse you rain!

Crowd control. FAIL

Lesson learnt. Always prepare ahead and don’t simply say yes.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Late stuff

I know it’s kind of late.

But well, better late than never.

I’ve been missing in action for 5 months.

But for good reasons. You will not believe it.

Awesome stuff happened.

So this post is basically a summary of things that happened since I last posted.


12 March 2011: DMSJ QUIZ – The S.W.A.T team (From bottom left clockwise – Wei Jin, Sin Yee, Kah Wei, Will Smith, Tse Hwei and Adrian in masking tape) 

Actually we people from Melaka Gospel Chapel (MGC) are undercover SWAT agents.

Adrian got caught because he found out our secret. Later we brainwashed him with a flash pen. So didn’t have to kill him.

As you would have noticed, Will Smith is there in the picture too.(He’s actually Man In Black agent but somehow got some kind of connection with SWAT ).

So awesome. Chilling with a celebrity. I mean a MIB/SWAT agent.

You know what else I discovered in March?

My brother got bitten by a super ant and got super powers.

Now he can smash things twice his size.

Serious stuff man. Not lying.


24 March 2011: Proof of Ken with super powers

Then it was April.

When SWAT team don’t go out arresting and kidnapping people and super powered people smashing doors, they celebrate birthdays. Ya. That’s basically what they do.


Awesome number 23 and Hwei’s birthday.

Then also there was the drought.


It wouldn’t rain.

So Shaun, Sharma and Celine had to cry out to the rain god and perform the ultraman ritual to get rain.


Another awesome thing that happened.


For those that will not and cannot believe.

Yes. It is true. That is a gold medal. Tse Shuen with a gold medal. Not for being the top shopper (although I think I should be able to get gold if there is such competition ^_^!) but for running!

As unlikely as it seem, you can really do all things if you believe in yourself.

If you push yourself, train daily, be discipline, all things can be accomplished.

My first time but you know what. That’s what the medal proves.

To those that thinks I’m unfit and incapable of winning a gold medal for a running competition.

For those that think I will never do sports.

For those that think it’s impossible I win a gold in running.

You are so right.

That’s me with Shaun’s medal.

Just wanted to feel like I was part of it. Hehe.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New year

New challenges

I need a new spirit!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

I couldn't help

but post these pictures.


I absolutely love